Monday, September 1, 2014

Sanrio Gift Gate

Sunday visited Sanrio Gift Gate at Sunway Pyramid, LG1.80

Here i could use the Sanrio membership card to get extra 10% discounts on all items.
There's so many lovely items here that i don't see at other Sanrio's branch.

Next time i visit Sunway, i will definitely visit this shop.

One section of the small shop, full of Hello Kitty Soft dolls...
so much cuteness ! kawaii !

Not having any makeup on today... because didn't really plan to go Sunway intially.. haha
Pic taken while waiting to pay... :p

Here's my hauls for today...

Polyester fabric wallet with embroidered Hello Kitty face and words.
Retails at RM 59.90

the back print of the wallet.

the inside of the wallet.
One big pocket for bills/notes, a small zipper pouch for coins, 5 cards pockets.

This sticker is too cute to pass.
Retails at RM 18.90
[ going to stick this on Emily's Huawei phone cover, because the cover just too plain and they never did any fancy phone cover. 
While still thinking whether to stick on my plain pastel colored phone cover too ! ]

Their plastic bag.... celebrating Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary.

Already got the red cover pen the last time. Emily pops this in the shopping basket without my knowledge. >.<"
Anyway, its a multi-colored pen.

RM 29.90

These two were soft plastic silicone Hello Kitty face shape mould.
The shop gave these as free items.
That's so wonderful.

And this is what i love about stand alone boutique. They can pampers you this way to make you come back to shop more...
That's definitely working with me. * v *

This is a plastic card holder with the coils attached.
RM 19.90

The back view of the card holder.
Really love this generic classic colored Hello Kitty accessories.

Two pocket plastic card holder.
RM 4.90

Two pocket plastic card holder

I'm glad i didn't buy the plain plastic card holder from Daiso. That would have cost me RM5 and without any print design. How lucky i am ?

And i don't know why i keep getting more of these card holders.... ^ _ ^ "

But they are really good if you don't want to carry wallet with you , for example if you do sports or jogging. You could just pops in your ID, driving license and one card or some bills.
And the plastic will protect them from getting wet too.

Eileen got this too. RM10.90 printed fabric drawstring bag.
16 x 18 cm

the other side the drawstring bag.

Thats all for today...
Price shown are before discounts.


Ellie Exx said...

Hey.. I really love that multi coloured pen you got. Do you think they have an online store so I could get one of those? I lived in Sabah btw, I don't think they have branches here .. :)

chilicandy said...

@ellie exx , hi !
I don't think they started online yet for Malaysia. But you might get more chances finding them if there's any big departmental type shopping center there ? :D