Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Editions at Guardian

This time is a lovely collections of Hello Kitty body cares stuffs at Guardian Pharmacy.
Found these at the branch in Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur.

Manicure Set RM 14.90
was the only last set i saw there.

Inside the red and transparent zipper bag are;
Nail File
Nail clipper
Nail Scissors
Wood stick x 2
Plastic cuticle

I don't know what are the wood stick for.  ^ ^"

and this very cute white PVC Hello Kitty shaped bag. The ribbon are of velvet kind material.
It's a zip pouch.

RM 31.90

Inside the cosmetic bag, you will find a tube of body lotion, a tube of body wash and a small round container of body scrubs.

close up. * v *

I wish they included face wash foams.

And this Body care set, which are nicely packaged like some gift packs that you can gift your friends.
They would make awesome nice gift.

RM 25.90

Inside are a tube of body lotion, a tube of body wash and Hello Kitty body mist spray, with the cap of Hello Kitty head.

These lotion and body wash tubes are exactly the same size as those in the cosmetic pouch bag earlier.

This body mist spray gives a very nice smell.

They have a few 40th Anniversary editions Hello Kitty cosmetic bag, some travel bottle sets.  I didn't get them.
You should check them out at the Guardians.

I found the below pictures from Guardian malaysia's site. ( links removed because checking malware problem )
Some of it i can see them at the store, some are not though.
I guess it depends on each store availability.

Hello Kitty Travel Bottle set with Pill Box.
These sets are cute. I should try looking for this at other outlets.

Hello Kitty Bath Lily

( i'm not sure if they sells this individually )

Hello Kitty 3 days Pill Box

These are cute, i should try to find these.
They would make nice little box to keep little things. :D

Hello Kitty Body wash 200ml and Baby Mitten.

Should i get this too ? 

Hello Kitty Travel Bottle set.

Hello Kitty Vanity Bag Set.

( in the outlet, they don't opens up the bag, so i didn't know they have this body lily wash inside this bag.... >.<"
I would have taken this too..... )

Hopefully Guardian will continues to brings us more cute Hello Kitty stuffs.

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