Sunday, September 9, 2012

Watches and Mooncakes !

Havn't got the time to update on my recent hello kitty hauls. XD I bought two Hello Kitty themed watches recently. Produced by Chronotech, one is a red leather with tiny polkadots leather straps. Another is a brecelet type.
this cost RM 195.00. Bought it through a friend's online store at Hello Kitty watch @ Davis online Store I like to wear this the best, because it goes well with my daily fashion attires. :D And the front surface is like crystal shape, so they would goes like reflective at different angle. The other watch is a bracelet type watch. Havn't worn it yet because the straps is too long for my thin wrist. The thing about buying stuffs online is, you don't get the service to cut it short. I have to take it to the local watch shop to have them cut it for me. It cost me another RM 5.00 for this particular service. >.< So next time, i should avoid buying these kind of straps watches online.
this cost about RM 245.00 . Very nice clear stainless steel bracelet with dangling hello kitty design charms around it. Hello Kitty bracelet @ Davis online store They have many other color choice ( Red, Pink, Yellow, Pruple ), but i picked these two color. And today, walk past the TaiSin Guan shop, at Midvalley. They were selling these Hello Kitty and Doraemon's moon cake. Of course i get the Hello Kitty one. ( Eventhough i like Doraemon too, but HK is too cute.. sorry Doraemon ! )
They are selling many type flavour for these Hello Kitty mooncakes itself. I didn't choose, i left the job to Gar. XD Else i might end up buying too many. We bought 4 different flavour, so as to get the free cute bag. There were 3 design to choose from. I prefer this Kitty head. The other two bag were actually kind of "cooler" design. I prefer this normal bag, so that i could store some stuffs. I took the brochure home too, because the front cover is cute. I could laminate it and use it as stationary cover or something, probably make a box... :p Front
Inside Left
Inside Right
Back ( with the 3 bag designs )
cute neh ! You should go get some ! <3