Friday, May 24, 2013

Sungei Wang Plaza, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

somewhere on the level 2 or 3...

there is this shop , wihout sign board. Just plain white across the top panel. This shop just just seated beside a shop that sells lots of cute stationaries, merchandise, fashion accessories ( that have all of the items locked behind glass panel.

They have a lot of hello kitty merchandise on this shop with locked glass panel, but i am not happy buying anything here because the glass are locked, and you can't see the price tag. Every damn thing also you have to ask the staff " how much is this ? " . Don't you think it gets annoying after some times ?

Lucky there is this shop beside it... the one without any sign... just a small one shoplot area. So many cute merchandise and soft toys, and lots of Hello Kitty soft toys too !

the soft toy of Hello Kitty here, is selling at RM 12.90. Classic Hello Kitty's style. Me love !
They have many design of these Hello Kitty spectacles box... this one is selling at RM 35.00

This is a cute Hello Kitty fluffy cap... ( it's for Ning's )
RM 30.00

They have another design, with pink bow too.

Will go back this shop again next time to check out other stuffs.... too many cute stuffs in there !

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

what can you find in Daiso ?

the most recent Hello Kitty RM 5.00 items you can find in Daiso...
( this one i visit Daiso Midvalley, level 3 outlet )

Hello Kitty hankerchiefs ! At RM 5.00 per piece, is more expensive than your average hankerchiefs, but cheaper if considered Sanrio's original product sold at boutique Hello Kitty chains.

cute strawberry design.  Sorry for the crinkle's surface, just wash and dry these before use.
Though the quality is not that fluffy soft, but still can do as highly absorbent cloth.. :p

second design, bow and checks....

this is like a cash/card/cheque plastic holder.
I put in some items in there to give you an idea how many pockets in there, with pen holder too.
Of course, you buy this just the holder, minus the pens and papers/cards... :p

I am going to use this maybe for my cheque book... or hold my many hello kitty stickers and cards...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I phone5 Hello Kitty casing

the recent acquiring of Hello Kitty i-phone 5 casings...

this bought in the month of April. Got it from one of those makeshift stall in Berjaya Times Square.

especially love this kitty head ! Though, i would have prefer it to be either white or silver casing... haha
seems like i always end up with Pink !

these two got from the makeshift stall in Midvalley Megamall, LG level. ( i got this in early May )
The white casing have mirror like effect on the kitty head.
The full of sanrio's character casing is the best, it covers the whole 4 sides of the i-phone.
Good protection.

Conclusion, you can always find awesome Hello Kitty casing from those independent makeshift stall... so next time, keep extra eye look out for them ! 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hello Kitty Beddings

I have bought these some few weeks ago. Was walking past the children's section at Robinson when i notices the Hello Kitty Fleece blanket there.

I have been looking to get one since the day i saw it being sold online. Was not so keen with the one being sold online, as that piece was very 'pink'. I was attracted to these sold at Robinson, the Garden, Kuala Lumpur because these were genuine Sanrio's product.

The good thing about genuine Sanrio product, the Hello Kitty looks much more perfect and cute here, and the color scheme are always good. Albeit, pricey abit, so buy only when there were discounts offered.

And i got them when they were having some discounts, about 20% - 30% and some membership promotion, getting vouchers for certain amount purchased, to offset the high price too.

this is one of the fleece blanket, single size. Very comfortable and light.
original price , RM 79.90

this second design, was the last piece i found there. There were some stains at the end of the corner, but its okay, as after washing it before use, the stains came off.

There were many cute and lovely Hello Kitty bedsheets sets designs. I picked these for Ning and Jing.

the color were lovely. Like sweet marshmallows...
300 thread counts cotton

same design for the fitted sheet and the quilt cover set. Someday  i should mix them up with the plain color sets. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hello Kitty merchandise found at S&J

this is at Midvalley LG outlet...

this is a lovely paper gift bag. The size is about 14" by 12". It would be good if you want to gift something to a Hello Kitty fans... lol ! Don't need to buy wrapping box or paper, and the bag can be reuse many times !

side view

Front view.. strong pink and red color
RM 6.90 each

Hello Kitty water bottle, with water regulator cap inside. Top handle can be lifted.
RM 19.90

and this cute fluffy Hello Kitty head cushion....


side view..
I have seen this being sold at TaoBao site... but figuring to add in the conversion and shipping rate, here we just pay slightly more, but minus the waiting period  ! Lol !
In actual fact, the first time i see this at the S&J shop, i have been thinking alot about this ! Finally today caves in to the temptation !

RM 49.90

If you can wait, probably you can saves up about 5 - 8 ringgit if you buy from the chinese website. :p

they are also selling these classic Hello Kitty alarm clocks.
RM 26.90

Looks good eh ? 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day ! 2013...

what better surprise than getting Hello Kitty's merchandise on Mother's Day ?

Hubby and kids plans the surprise ( which really caught me off guard )...

lovely Hello Kitty head shape speaker..
( i think i am going to put a yellow nail polish on the black nose there.. hehe )

wireless pink Hello Kitty keyboard...

Hello Kitty iphone5 casing

Pink Hello Kitty wireless mouse..

DIY Hello Kitty head shape mother's day greetings card

lovely flowers..

Thank you my lovely kids.. <3