Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Year 2015 Everything new ! ^ . ^

I know this is kind of late ! But 2015 have been so busy and happening for me, with so many new things everyday... ! Trying to catch up and do some very brief and fast post for the past months... :p

First of all, i ushered in the new year 2015 with a new Hello Kitty calendar...  :D

I didn't plan to get them at first, but so happens these calendars were being put on 50% discounts !

I have to write in and highlights all the holidays for Malaysia, since the calendar only have holidays for the Japanese and Singapore's printed. ^ _ ^"

and then, i get a new phone !

So, naturally, getting new phone means finding new mobile covers.
I do have a good time getting them.... Aside from getting those usual plain candies and sweet colored phone, i also get these cute character shaped phone cover.

Totoru, which is very huge and fat ! But its easing for the hand to hold it. 
The M&M's red chocolate shaped ... i have a hard time to choose the color ( they have them in red, blue, yellow and green )
And lastly, this Sulley ( monster inc) x Hello Kitty cover..
I have fallen in love with this cover the last time i saw it. Just had to get this !
And then we have these Chinese New Year just middle of February.
So, i bought some Hello Kitty Red Ang Pow packets and some Chinese New Year deco for the house.

Hello Kitty always have these awesome cute Ang Pow packets !

And these Hello Kitty stickers on both side of the Ang Pow envelope.
Too bad, they didn't make anything suitable for boys, i have to find alternative ang pow packets for boys.

These cute deco items i put around the house.
I wish they were bigger !

This is a very good sticker ( see through ) type Hello Kitty CNY banner.
I stick this on my clear transparent vase. I should share some after picture.. :p

This is also another cute Hello Kitty Ang Pow envelope which can transform into some cute standee !

And then comes the day of LiChun !
In chinese tradition, and in fengshui school, the day of LiChun is the first day of solar calendar new year , where egg can stands easier on this day ! It was 4th February for 2015.

and, tadaa..... ! I got the egg standing ! T.T 
shed happy tears !
Because it brings me good feelings that it will be a smooth year when i did that on LiChun. :p

And i got a new hair cut before the Chinese New year !
Shorter, shoulder length ! :D

Here's me a picture with a friend's cats. There's one hidden behind the grey cat.

And this is the good fortune kitty ! ^ v ^

A friend surprised me with this Hello Kitty biscuits from Taiwan during the CNY visiting !
She said she thinks of me when she saw this. ( blushing embarass )

I think when we got too 'Hello Kitty-fied' everyday, people around us will remember us whenever they see anything about Hello Kitty. haha...
I get tags alot with Hello Kitty's stuffs on facebook. 

Took this at my bro's place. He hand painted one of his kid's bedroom wall with big Hello Kitty !
Hmm... i wonder if i won't be lazy if i ever get a wall to paint ?  >.<

That's it for now...

I should do a recap for my Hello Kitty cafe visit in Bangkok last year December 2014.
Hope you have an interesting and exciting new 2015 too !

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hello Kitty bodycare toiletries

Visited Robinson lately, and found that they now have packaged Hello Kitty body care sets.

specially packaged gift box set of this body care set.
Lovely packaging !

Notices now they have the shower gel tube too.

these tissues pack still selling on the shelves there.

And body butter cream too.

Besides Robinson ( near babies department ), you can also find these at Parkson ( usually located near the cosmetic department ).

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello Kitty Fair at Metrojaya, Midvalley Megamall.

On my sunday outings i stumbles upon this Hello Kitty fair at Metrojaya, Midvalley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.

It's being held from 13 - 28 September 2014, at the Event Hall ( beside the toys section ) 2nd floor.

There are lots of discounts for the items sold there.
Good bargains, every Hello Kitty fans should check this out.

towels going for 20% 

pretty Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary designs towels !

Pillows with cover and fillings.

Bedsheets, tablewares, water bottles, mugs, etc

Bags too were offered discounts.

The soft cushion pillows.

mom bought this handkerchief RM 9.50

the rolling paper tape stickers.

very cute. They sells other character design too.

Got these cute girls panties for emily. RM14.90

This plastic file holder is being sold at RM 5.00 only.
the front view

the back view.

cushions !
cover can be removed to wash.

RM 29.90.

There's a bigger sized cushion sold at RM 59.90 ( different cushion print design )

Heads out to Metrojaya if you want to catch these bargains. Their event ends on 28th September , 2014 !

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hello Kitty at Parkamaya

Some good news !
Just saw this flyer from Parkamaya ( located at the Fahrenheit, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur )
Hello Kitty stuffs are on promotion there.

Heads out there if you are looking for Hello Kitty items.

It's on from 10th till 28 September, 2014.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Editions at Guardian

This time is a lovely collections of Hello Kitty body cares stuffs at Guardian Pharmacy.
Found these at the branch in Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur.

Manicure Set RM 14.90
was the only last set i saw there.

Inside the red and transparent zipper bag are;
Nail File
Nail clipper
Nail Scissors
Wood stick x 2
Plastic cuticle

I don't know what are the wood stick for.  ^ ^"

and this very cute white PVC Hello Kitty shaped bag. The ribbon are of velvet kind material.
It's a zip pouch.

RM 31.90

Inside the cosmetic bag, you will find a tube of body lotion, a tube of body wash and a small round container of body scrubs.

close up. * v *

I wish they included face wash foams.

And this Body care set, which are nicely packaged like some gift packs that you can gift your friends.
They would make awesome nice gift.

RM 25.90

Inside are a tube of body lotion, a tube of body wash and Hello Kitty body mist spray, with the cap of Hello Kitty head.

These lotion and body wash tubes are exactly the same size as those in the cosmetic pouch bag earlier.

This body mist spray gives a very nice smell.

They have a few 40th Anniversary editions Hello Kitty cosmetic bag, some travel bottle sets.  I didn't get them.
You should check them out at the Guardians.

I found the below pictures from Guardian malaysia's site. ( links removed because checking malware problem )
Some of it i can see them at the store, some are not though.
I guess it depends on each store availability.

Hello Kitty Travel Bottle set with Pill Box.
These sets are cute. I should try looking for this at other outlets.

Hello Kitty Bath Lily

( i'm not sure if they sells this individually )

Hello Kitty 3 days Pill Box

These are cute, i should try to find these.
They would make nice little box to keep little things. :D

Hello Kitty Body wash 200ml and Baby Mitten.

Should i get this too ? 

Hello Kitty Travel Bottle set.

Hello Kitty Vanity Bag Set.

( in the outlet, they don't opens up the bag, so i didn't know they have this body lily wash inside this bag.... >.<"
I would have taken this too..... )

Hopefully Guardian will continues to brings us more cute Hello Kitty stuffs.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dream Tomica's Happy Birthday Hello Kitty

Finally found this Tomica's edition of Happy Birthday Hello Kitty car.
The classic blue red yellow car.

Found this at Parkson, Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur.
RM 23.90

so cute !

Happy to add this to my Tomica's Hello Kitty collections. * v *

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sanrio Gift Gate

Sunday visited Sanrio Gift Gate at Sunway Pyramid, LG1.80

Here i could use the Sanrio membership card to get extra 10% discounts on all items.
There's so many lovely items here that i don't see at other Sanrio's branch.

Next time i visit Sunway, i will definitely visit this shop.

One section of the small shop, full of Hello Kitty Soft dolls...
so much cuteness ! kawaii !

Not having any makeup on today... because didn't really plan to go Sunway intially.. haha
Pic taken while waiting to pay... :p

Here's my hauls for today...

Polyester fabric wallet with embroidered Hello Kitty face and words.
Retails at RM 59.90

the back print of the wallet.

the inside of the wallet.
One big pocket for bills/notes, a small zipper pouch for coins, 5 cards pockets.

This sticker is too cute to pass.
Retails at RM 18.90
[ going to stick this on Emily's Huawei phone cover, because the cover just too plain and they never did any fancy phone cover. 
While still thinking whether to stick on my plain pastel colored phone cover too ! ]

Their plastic bag.... celebrating Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary.

Already got the red cover pen the last time. Emily pops this in the shopping basket without my knowledge. >.<"
Anyway, its a multi-colored pen.

RM 29.90

These two were soft plastic silicone Hello Kitty face shape mould.
The shop gave these as free items.
That's so wonderful.

And this is what i love about stand alone boutique. They can pampers you this way to make you come back to shop more...
That's definitely working with me. * v *

This is a plastic card holder with the coils attached.
RM 19.90

The back view of the card holder.
Really love this generic classic colored Hello Kitty accessories.

Two pocket plastic card holder.
RM 4.90

Two pocket plastic card holder

I'm glad i didn't buy the plain plastic card holder from Daiso. That would have cost me RM5 and without any print design. How lucky i am ?

And i don't know why i keep getting more of these card holders.... ^ _ ^ "

But they are really good if you don't want to carry wallet with you , for example if you do sports or jogging. You could just pops in your ID, driving license and one card or some bills.
And the plastic will protect them from getting wet too.

Eileen got this too. RM10.90 printed fabric drawstring bag.
16 x 18 cm

the other side the drawstring bag.

Thats all for today...
Price shown are before discounts.