Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lot 10 and H&M again.. =D

Today went to Bukit Bintang area again..

And so, make the usual stop over at Lot 10's Hello Kitty station.
Nothing on sales here, so, basically just going Ooooooh and Aaaaah over all the cute Hello Kitty stuff displayed there.

And then, i saw this cute Plastic Hello Kitty Lunch Box. Amazing thing is, there are 2 smaller size container inside it.

RM 49.90 ( for all three together )

Then , when i stopped over at H&M to buy the army green military styled jacket, when i went upstair at the kids section, i saw this cute Leopard printed Hello Kitty Tin-box bag.

It was the last piece there. While holding onto this, a lady asked us where we get this, i told her this was the last piece. :p

RM 27.90

and i grab this hair clips as well. RM 12.90

Nice day shopping for Hello Kitty stuffs.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Leisure Mall, Cheras.. Hello Kitty again !

There is this shop on the 1st floor, if you walks toward the Mong Kok restaurant, just opposite a vegetarian restaurant. Lots lots of Hello Kitty stuffs sold here..

Picked some items here, and very tempted to get the others.... maybe, time to cool off first, and rethink if i should get the rest of the stuff... LOL !

This is a medium size Hello Kitty fan. It's too adorable to pass. Since Ning's room fan have broken down, this would be a good and cute substitute. Make the room look nice, and have cooling fan at the same time. =D

from top left, clockwise...

1. Hello Kitty measuring tape ( Inch + CM ) RM 19.90

2. Keys with lock RM 12.90

3. Black Hello Kitty mini size stapler RM 19.90

4. Hello Kitty light wood pin badge RM 9.90

this is a Hello Kitty mini backpack. It's Ning.
About RM 59.90

this is a small Hello Kitty card holder/organizer. Ning's
RM 14.90

this umbrella is cute, and slim, opens up wide enough for 2 person. The color are vibrant and cheerful. RM 34.90.
Didn't plan to get this at first, but because the sales assistant said if we top up another RM30 purchase we could get a free HK phone ( picture below )

And so, this is the free gift that comes with all the purchases...
It's dial phone, with holes behind the kitty body, for hearing and speaking...
So, one actually hold the whole kitty if you are going to make a conversation. LOL !
The dialing numbers is at the bottom of the standing kitty.

this is a short walk through of the shop..
Intended to upload this to my instagram video, but somehow keep getting 'failed upload' error message no matter how long i tried. Finally gives up....

Later, i walked over the connecting bridge to the other side of the Leisure Mall.
 There is this ' Living Cabin' shop there.
Here i found...

pencils ! A box of 5 pcs Hello Kitty B pencils
RM 4.90

This is the best find... A wooden , 3 compartment drawers Hello Kitty.
about 10" x 9" ( the face width ), the drawers behind, rectangular are slightly smaller.
RM 118.00

Found some Hello Kitty 3D cards sold here, bought some. Will share the pictures another day.. :p