Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hello Kitty Sweet cafe @ Taipei, Taiwan 19 Dec 2012

Went for a holiday to Taipei, Taiwan on 18th December till 23 December, 2012.
And so after much consideration, make it a point to visit this much hyped about Hello Kitty Sweet Cafe in Taipei, Taiwan,

Before going there, i have read about a lot of bad reviews about the cafe. Which makes me apprehensive about getting disappointed with my favourite Hello Kitty. However, my brother and his family who had visited this cafe before, told me to try give it a go, for experience wise. So, are my friend on facebook. Who mentioned, dinner might be better. As all the bad reviews were mostly during tea breaks or afternoon dessert. { this proves to be a major influence of the overall experience ).

So, on the second day at Taipei ( 19th December 2012 ) , i left the task to the staff at Hotel Eclat Taipei where we were staying with, to make the reservation for me. I didn't expect to get the reservation on the same day for a dinner. It was a Wednesday, so probably being a weekday makes it easier ? I don't know. I am very glad and happy at the same time. And so happens, we were mostly wandering around the Sogo area ( Da Ann area, very near the Zhongqiao Fuxing MRT station too ) .


地  址:台北市大安路一段90號
電  話:02-2711-1132
席  位:1樓24席˙2樓56席

you can download the address and map from their website if u are going to hire a cab to go there;

this picture screenshot from googlemap..

or check up this google earth map of the exact location.

However , the shop are easy to find if you are around the Sogo area. If you are in doubt, ask the staff at the Hello kitty shop outside the Sogo. They will point you in the right direction.

The booking was for 7pm that night, but we were getting tired from walking around shopping carrying lots of shoppings bags with us by 6pm. So, we decided to go over earlier, might as well sit at the waiting area and take some pics to past time. We reach there about 6.25pm, and i told the reception that i was early. They asked us to wait for a few minutes for them to get ready the table.

The shop all light up at night. :)

at the front entrance, Menu banner and Menu booklet...

left side outside shop window display

right side, outside shop window display

Snapping away.. :p

very cute Hello Kitty toy window display

the front half of the shop, Hello Kitty cakes on display...

lots of cute Hello Kitty stuffs on the counter
and lots of cute cakes and cupcakes ! Couldn't stop myself from snapping these pics. Eventhough, you can actually find most of the picture ( professionally takens ) at their main website's menu. You can even download them. ( i did.. kekeke )

their reception stand. Where they handles most of their bookings i guess...

the waiting area sofa lounge. So cute rite ? 

We didn't wait long, probably in about 10 minutes or so, and we were led in.

the narrow walkway leading to the further of the ground floor, in order to access the upper floor.

one of the seating table at lower ground. Very nice sofa chair. * v *

the staircase's wall, area well decorated. I love these attention to details and at every open space.

on the side wall of the staircase

the wall that i sit facing, or the whole expanse of the wall that Ning is seated. 

the top end of the wall meeting another pink wall of white kitty bows.

Nice framed up Hello Kitty pictures on one part of the wall.

The other side of the upper floor, which can seat large group of peoples. Probably about 16 ppls...

Upper floor table seating for 4, side window with frosted Sweets cafe logo.

the other end of the upper floor.

another very sweet and cute Hello Kitty frame picture.

Creative designer who places Hello Kitty toy on this small framework on the pillar.

cute Hello Kitty toys attached to the beautiful chandelier. They must be hardworking maintaining it, because the toys doesn't look dirty. :p

table set up with printed hello Kitty table mat ( paper )

Glasses of water ready at the table, covered with these paper placemat.

the menu booklet ( though look a bit worn out ), i didn't really feel any excitement as i have spent many days back at home looking at the menu via online... lol ! 

We get down to place our order, with the helpful waitress suggesting me to take the grilled chicken. ( Which tasted very good )

We choose the full course dinner sets. Which comes with a Salad, Soup, Entrees, Main course and Drink. This salad tasted nice. At first i thought they were rather little bowl, but thankful later as with the latter meals, you get very full.

the soup, i think its corn and chicken...

Ning's coke. 

The buns comes together with the soup. Cute Hello Kitty face burnts on the bun.

I choosed Earl Grey Tea. :)

Salmon for me...

Beef roll for Ning.. ( she don't quite like it, i tasted it okay. Probably because the beef rolls were thick )

The Hello Kitty imprinted on the tissue.

My grilled chicken. 

It comes together with this cut out Hello Kitty shaped carrot.

Ning's Hello Kitty Burger. I think she made the right choice. She said they were wonderful. 

the tissue box on the table

The Hello Kitty head pudding. Tasted sweet alrite. 

And then we go to the toilet,....

nice toilet sign at the door. ( Heard that the boy's toilet nothing special )

camwhore time in the toilet... ( of course, after doing business first )

One side the wall of the toilet, big mirror framed up with the beautiful sofa lounging chair.

the beautiful chair inside the toilet.

me on the beautiful chair...

Asked Ning to posed inside the toilet.. XD

Large wall mirror in front of the sinks. With Hello Kitty shaped head embossed on the mirror.

Faucet with Hello Kitty imprints.

cute sign inside the toilet cubicle, warning...  XD

Another cute Hello Kitty logo embossed on the mirror inside the toilet.

Asked for bill, they comes together with this pink passport holder.
We were suppose to bring this passport thing downstair and settle at the check out counter.

that's like NT 3,135 for 6 person, about RM 53 per person. Some may say its expensive, but i think its alrite given that its supposed to be a licensee franchise thing. The food is very full feeling. Maybe they should add in some little small souvenirs for us to takes home.

the pay out counter

The feedback box and cards at the pay out counter. Just noticed the toothpicks there... :p

Gar helps me ask for the paper table mat and cup cover. :D They gave us sets of 3. ( Probably because there are 3 gals in our group )

I should laminate this so that i can use them more often. :p

Overall, its a pretty nice experience. Especially a must for every Hello Kitty Fans. Because the interior decoration of the shop is awesome. I likes all the little details they put into the shop. There had been bad reviews of the staffs, but so far what i experienced are okay, warm and some smiles. Their waitress and waiters are pretty and handsome. ( I'm too shy to take their pics )
You must make early reservations so that you don't end up disappointed. Get your hotel's concierge to do them for you if possible. And go for Lunch or Dinner. I heard the desserts/cakes/drinks were too sweet to handle.