Monday, August 26, 2013

Saturday @ Sg Wang Plaza again !

This special Saturday i get to shop around Sg Wang Plaza, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur again.
I thought i would be able to check out other nearby shopping buildings, instead i ended up whole time within Sg Wang building only. LOL !

And found out that the upper annex of the 6th floor of SgWang has more shops too. There's even a cosplay shop up there.

I'm not sure if they have Hello Kitty cosplay.. LOL ! But i think a Hello Kitty cosplay would most probably ends up in a lolita section more. 

and so, i visited one of my favourite Hello Kitty shop. Because this shop always have all the nice looking Hello Kitty's accessories. ( Sg Wang, level 3 i think...from the escalator up, almost towards behind after the long glass walled shop of accessories )

Hello Kitty furry mobile pouch. The front Kitty face is puffy furry. The back is a plastic covered mobile pocket. Inside, there's another small pocket for holding card.
It can hold the length of my iphone 5.
[ RM 25.00 ]

Hello Kitty Black coin small purse ( also furry soft ). Back part is a plastic cover, with opening i think that looks like to hold tissue paper.
[ RM 19.00 ]

Key ring purse. Furry soft to the touch.
Inside are metal rings to hold the keys, with extra pocket on the opposite side.
These key ring purse would be useful as the keys won't scratch your wallet or whatever inside your bag anymore. * v *
And it being dark hot Pink is awesome that it looks cool and won't dirty easily.
[ RM 20.00 ]

small Hello Kitty faced hair clip. Perfect additional item to my hair accessories collection.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hello Kitty Jelly Beans

Now can be found at Candylicious shop...

Saw these at One Utama, old wing, one of the Candylicious's shop.

so cute !!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Simple Hello Kitty items today !

Didn't really plan to look for Hello Kitty stuff.. but when Gar suggested to up the first level of Salak Park Plaza ... And probably my Hello Kitty mode was automatically on. :p

this cost RM 9.90
I have seen this been sold online, here and there...
and i guess, looking at this piece physically is much better than online. Because through online, one couldn't be sure about the plastic quality , size or how genuine the kitty head look. =D

But i can say, this piece is cute. ( i personally preferred Kitty with red bow more )

this set cost RM 7.90 only. [ mirror and comb ]
considered cheap. But i have to look through a few ( taking them out from the plastic cover and put it back again ), just to make sure they are at least perfect ( scratch free or free from glue marks, etc )

The mirror is mini size, about 12 cm x 9 cm . The comb about 14.5 cm in length.