Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hello Kitty Bling Bling iphone cover

yo ! My bro came back from china, and bought these covers for me. *psst.. thanks Elaine for arranging this ! :D Very very happy.. because i loves bling bling, and they are Hello Kitty's too. So, its more cheaper to buy from there than buying it locally ( Here, they imports it anyway and with additional charges, they becomes very expensive stuff sold at the shop)
3 bling bling iphone4 case.. 2 of them flat bling bling type hello kitty, the top one is 3D pops out Big Hello Kitty head. It opens up as mirror...
cool eh ? For the very vain one use.... :p
cheers !
and not forgetting screen protector.. It's very late night here now, so probably will put it on tomorrow or other day... As you know, to put on a screen protector, really need to be very very careful... :p

Saturday, October 20, 2012

cute mascaraaaaaaAaaaa !

Hello Kitty's Mascara by Maybelline This cute cute Hyper curl volum express mascara by Maybelline i can't Though i very very very rarely use mascara or any eyeliner on my eye parts.. I'm becoming more of a Hello Kitty fans..and i think this mascara pen looks cute, probably a good time to get one and start painting my eyes.. >.< Bought from Watson Malaysia, 15% discount, RM 26.32.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rainy days...

Everyday, rains and thunders... its cooling, but causing jams everywhere. Even though i had not take much public transport nowadays, i see this item as "must have "... :p Part of it, its because its been raining much lately, and it would be of good use if u go traveling, and needed to carry it around. The size is light and small anyway. Umbrella ! yeah ! Even more better, its a Hello Kitty's umbrella ! * v * thats exactly how happy i am with it.
It cost RM 19.90 each. I got them from Living Cabin ( 2nd Floor, midvalley megamall ) They have red version in gold prints, and pink version with silver prints. I felt like taking them all... lol ! I do have the temptation to get all.... ( imagining my hubby and everyone carrying red and pink hello kitty umbrellas... rofl ) they will kill me..
Look ! They are so slim, and kept easily.... ! They will be of good use when i go traveling. ( i still remember how i was caught in the rain at Universal Studio Singapore...) Aside from these lovely umbrellas... I bought a sticker book ( Hello Kitty >:D ) This sticker book i got it from a ....kinda whatever stationaries or kitchen or anything they also sells in there... ( LOL! ), at Salak Park plaza.. Desa Petaling, 1st floor.. They only cost RM 1.90, thats why i buy them. Its consider a good bargain, since the book have about 5 pages of the stickers...
the booklet cover
more cute kitty...
hello kitty forever !