Monday, July 29, 2013

My Birthday Prezzies..

Everyone who wanted to gift me something on my birthday, won't have any problem finding one. As long as it has to do with Hello Kitty. LOL..

and yeah, most, if not all of my birthday presents are Hello Kitty stuff..

Thank you my family and friends. I love all of you. I love your attentive thoughts of this me.

* v *

my dear best friend, May & her family gifted me this. So cute and adorable.
I placed this beside my bed. So everyday when i wakes up and before going to sleep, i see them. lol !

cute Hello Kitty toaster...

I love toast.  Having Hello Kitty cute face on the toasted on the bread is awesome breakfast everyday !

I fell in love with these Instax camera for quite some time... more than few years... and finally having one on my birthday is simply awesome !

A cute hello kitty charging head to compliments my collection ! yay !

My wonderful sis & bro-in-law got me this. So beautiful !

and my dearest friend, Nancy who always cheers me up all the time..
Wonderful shopping tote bag, with the two extra enviro-friendly shopping bag...