Friday, February 22, 2013

First Hello Kitty plaster used....

the day i kicked my own leg in a freak little accident..

I was taking off my jeans, and as usual, my right leg were kicking the bottom of the jeans.. but instead of getting it off, my right toe nails scratched my innocent left leg.

*pains undescribe-able! *

It left a deep cuts, that some part of the skin were seen coming off but still holding on.


so painful !

Well, the kitty plaster came after the first neon plaster came off, after the shower..

Aaaahh, self consolation ! Though, every now and then, there's little jabber of pain to reminds me of the inflicted wound.

A women's toe nail can be deadly as well... we could use them in the event of self defense ! Don't look down on a woman's toe nail !

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hello Kitty iphone/ipad free apps

I was cleaning up unwanted apps on my iphone yesterday, that i suddenly had a brilliant idea of having a whole page of Hello Kitty apps. LOL..

 I wasn't sure if Hello Kitty free apps would have that many to fill up one page, ( that means, at least 20 of them ! ) And i did ! 

Just key in Hello Kitty on the iTunes apps search bar, and many would turns up ! So far the game were cute, and soft and kinda just made out for Hello Kitty lovers. lol..


So far, i have played with kitty town building type ( kinda like cityville, with planting some crops to earn XP and coins ), and there's the beauty saloon type. I think the same company's apps, they linked up the account. Because when i starts up the HK saloons apps game, it already had my registered username there.

the Mahjong game were cute, lol, with very nice music playing in the background and you get cute images instead of the general mahjong's tiles image. :D

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hello Kitty's softies !

These are my recent's hauls.

Ordered them on a facebook page, they were suppose to arrive before the Chinese New Year, but due to some shipments thing, it only reaches the supplier on the last day before CNY. So, today, she was good enough to personally send it to my home. :)

these are car seat head rest... :p
Gar saw these and got shocked.. lol.. he thought i wanted to put these in his car.. 

this is a clear slightly see through plastic mat.
( gonna use this for my clay works base mat )

soft cute Hello Kitty heads for tying holding the curtains together.
( gonna use these on Ning's room )

Hello Kitty soft cushion flat pads. Yeah, kitty head ! LOL ! The girls can't bring themselves to sit on the cute kitty head, so we decide, if they wanted to sits on them, they'll turn it over, so they sits on the polkadots side. =D