Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shoppings around Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

There are always some Hello Kitty merchandise accessories here and there, even though the shop doesn't carry the full range...

so, this weekend while shopping around Bukit Bintang area, Kuala Lumpur, where there are lots and lots of shops around... never missed Hello Kitty's merchandise at these places..

Pavillion, Tokyo Street level..
there is this shop selling Hello Kitty poppies..

what's Poppies ?
the current new craze of tying some soft toys to your shoe string. So, one doesn't have to buy a new shoe just for these Poppies... you can just switch between any shoes, with just tying them to your shoe lace.

This shop does carries other designs other than Hello Kitty's designs.
Me , however, chooses Hello Kitty Poppies , of course !

The Hello Kitty Head only are mine, the small polkadots ribbons are Ning's, and the Hello Kitty in Rilakkuma's costume are for Jing's.

The small kitty head are retailing at RM 20.00 per box (a pair ). There's current ongoing promotion that you buy 2 free 1.

The Ribbon's small poppies are retailing at RM 15.00 ( a pair )

The Hello Kitty's rilakkuma costume are slightly more expensive, as the size is bigger. RM 20.00 per piece. 



At H&M, the lingeries level ( i forgot which level it was ), the H&M Lot 10 branch, Ning found these socks...

cute Hello Kitty thick woolen socks ( the Hello Kitty are knitted on it )
RM 39.90 per pack of 3's.

And today, at the SinMa jewelleries accessories shop [ Pavillion ], spotted these bling bling Hello Kitty key chain.

It's like a locket, clasp closed with magnetic, inside is a mirror ( behind the kitty face, and the other side are see through Kitty's head back with holes )

RM19.00 per piece.

Hello Kitty at Parkson Grand - Pavillion

Also some items going for 70% discounts, but not that many as compare to Isetan's Lot10.  Most of the items here are going for 10% and 20% only. But more varieties of Hello Kitty items.

Today's shopping, more of Ning's grabbing Hello Kitty bargains, than me... i think i somehow infected her with this Hello Kitty madness..

Hello Kitty multi-pockets organizer ( hang on wall )
RM 50.97
They have another smaller with clear pockets, but its more suitable for young children or babies room.
This one is measuring about 55cm x 70 cm

vacum flask tumbler.. Ning love this..
RM 62.91 ( 10% discounts only )

Canvas printed Hello kitty pencil case - RM 11.94
Tin Box Hello Kitty pencil case - RM 19.95

back of the hanging tag, with slot pocket behind

front of the hanging tag, with zipper pocket on the side...
RM 11.94

Hello Kitty water bottle carrying case ( clear PU )
RM 29.95

Hello Kitty soft toy fabric pencil case
RM 19.90

Hello Kitty Paper clips RM 6.90

More Hello Kitty's rubber stamps RM 5.45
and roller stamps RM 6.90

Hello Kitty hair clips RM26.91

Hello Kitty keychain tin case
RM 13.41

More varieties of Hello Kitty merchandise here, but sadly not many are given big discounts. Still preferred to go search at Isetan, Lot10. :p

Thursday, January 24, 2013

70 % Discounts madness...

oh yeah !

Remember i blog about Isetan at Bukit Bintang Lot10 closing down sales ?
Today manage to went over there to grab some of the huge discounted Hello Kitty items.

Some are 70%, 50%, 20% and 10%....

so, Ning and I picked most of the 70% ( as they becomes so worth it and good bargains )

bagsss of Hello Kitty merchandise * v *

so many leh.... but its a split between me and Ning's

Let's get down to details of our shopping hauls....

sunglasses/spectacles case - after discount RM 41.97
I have been eyeing this case ever since the first time i saw this at Parkson, sunway pyramids. But the discounts seldom goes lower than 20%. So, getting this for 70% is really wonderful !
And i like it black... :)


black small wallet - after discount RM RM 59.97
Black again, because i felt Black suits me better than pink... I am too old to be carrying a pink hello kitty wallet around... lol !

small canvas bag - Ning's 

magnet - after discount - RM 5.97 each
these are cute. They have pink ones too. But i choose Black and Ning choose white.

Hello Kitty socks 2 pairs - RM 15.00 ( best buy )
i am still undecided whether to keep this for own use or gives to Jing. :)

Tag - after discount RM 17.97
uhmm.. i was thinking, probably i will get a car soon, and i can use this to store the tag... LOL...
anyway , this can be use in many other ways...

Rubber stamps with wooden holder ( Ning's )

cute Key Ring hanger ( Ning's )

Hello Kitty A4 size slim hard box - after discount - RM 19.95
I am contemplating to get another design of this box... Because the box were made so sturdy, it can keeps my color papers better...

Hello Kitty plastic file holder Pink after discount - RM 14.95
Hello kitty small plastic folder Blue - ....( i can't find its price code after discount in the receipts >.< )

Hello Kitty soft rubber coasters - RM 28.17

Hello Kitty kitchen padded mitten - RM 5.97
so cheap rite ? Let me tell you why its that cheap..because the bow is missing.. :p
Anyway, no big deal, for that price, i can cut out a felt ribbon and sew it on... no problem !

Hello Kitty iphone holder ( Ning's )

Kitchen's utensils.... I'm going crazy because of these 70% !
the soup laddle after discount is RM 2.07 each
the rice laddle after discount is RM 2.97

Hello kitty porcelain long mug, with soft rubber grip and cover

towel after discount , RM23.97

Hand towel

traveling toothbrush sets

assorted pens !

i'm still updating the price as best as i can, as it's so scattered here and there after taking out the plastic bags :p
For your information, at Isetan, those marks with dark blue marker pens ink on the price tags means discount going for 70%, Those in orange, 50%. So, look for those marked in dark blue inked pen. You can get the lone Hello Kitty sales promoter there though, she's very helpful and friendly. =D

spring cleaning !

of course, with Hello Kitty mask...

let's see..

Earlier i bought a Hello Kitty face shape cloth mask from 100 yen shop previously..
I don't remember if i posted that picture here before... >.<

Not many post, yet i can't remember..LOL..

nevermind, here i show u again...

No, i didn't wear this...

instead, i wore the one that i bought from my Taiwan trip last year.
Also fabric cloth mask...

it cost about RM 5.00
I bought this black and a similar pink one too. Since they were so cheap, i bought two different color just for fashion keepsake... 

i wore the pink one when i have flu last week.. :p
And this today, when doing spring cleaning.

I think they were meant for those motorcyclist to wear on the road. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Robinsons, The Gardens Midvalley

Yes, Hello Kitty's range of toiletries/perfumes are now available at Robinsons, The Garden, Midvalley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.

on the top most floor of Robinsons ( the bedroom/living/kids section ), you can find this small shelves of Hello Kitty Bath Gel, Body lotions and body shampoo too..

these body lotions smells of nice fruity fragrance. 

on the other side of the shelves, you find perfumes, more hand lotions and some toiletries/ make up bags. 

Picture taken here not very clear... :p
Anyhow, i found their facebook sites  (  that have taken the picture of the shelves..)

Its near the baby strollers, and babies section

These smells nice too ! But the shampoo, smell of cherry again ( reminds me of medicines )

At the toys section, they still carry the usual Hello Kitty's range of bags, trolley bags, tumblers, cups, kitchen utensils. The cup with cover and straw looks better here than those found at Guardians. :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tesco ? Hello Kitty ? ^ . ^

Hello Kitty is getting rather popular nowadays, that you can even find their toys accessories at Tesco Hypermarket. =D

I never would have thought that, rather a large collection of Hello Kitty toys/accessories could be found here.

so many different toys...I would love to be young again !

see the jumping skipping rope ? LOL... i do wonders if it will light up ( the handle part ).  But too bad, i can't skip or jump ropes nowadays... :p

I did bought a few items...

Ning like this. Its a stamp set, with two figurines as stamps holder, and three different stampers designs, 2 post cards and some stickers. RM 24.90

This i can't help getting it. Because its a 50th anniversary Sanrio stampers. Two figurines holder, Hello Kitty and Keroppi wearing kitty hats , with two stampers and the ink stamp pad.  RM 59.90

I've seen this being on sale online, but i dare not buy because i thought seing it online, it doesn't look very genuine. Here, they are all sticked with the original Sanrio's Hello Kitty seals. So, you can trust it to be genuine products. :)
It will glows in different color light when you pressed the button at the bottom. Its awesome especially in a dark area. RM 34.90

These are the Hello Kitty Lip gloss ring. Each packet comes in three different design. So, total are six different rings. The head part of the kitty can be push up to reveals the lip gloss compartment underneath.
RM 39.90 for one packet ( 3's )

That's the unexpected Hello Kitty shopping done today at Tesco Hypermarket, at Mutiara Damansara. :)