Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Hello Kitty Pluggy....& new hairdo !

Found another shop at Midvalley... selling more cute and awesome Hello Kitty stuffs.. But since i had spent so much these few days, i only buy this Hello Kitty pluggy.. classic white and red ribbon head.. :p it cost about RM 10.90
cute neh ? XD I also had my hair dyed and trimmed today... Got myself a new hairstylist to do it. Since the old hair stylist already quitted, and i didn't have her contact. The new hairstylist is called Pipi... such a cute name, from Derrick and Team, MV.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

i've gone a bit crazy over them again... saw them on the stall in Midvalley Lowerground, and couldn't resist myself to having them.. :p
One is the usual keychain, the other 3 are keyholders, where you slips in your key inside the head's gap there... They cost RM 8.90 each.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

These are Hello Kitty Bling Bling iphone casings. I got this during this year Mother's Day. Awesome eh ? The pink one, some parts of the blings are coming off.. need to find some time to glue back some of the missing bling bling. The Black bling bling casing seems to be sturdier, as none of the bling bling falls off yet. As seen on the background, are the Hello Kitty phone ear plug, the head only kitty, is the one that has gone missing... *sobs*

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bling bling hello kitty

One of my fave Hello Kitty Bling Bling phone-ear-plug. I lost the other Hello Kitty just head only bling bling phone-ear-plug. :,( I hope i find it again soon....

Hello Kitty Hello Kitty...forever!

cute hello kitty ice cubes... I bought this through online shop. Glad that the ice cube maker were of good quality. I'm gonna makes lots lots of this ice cubes. It cost me around RM 6.50 per tray.. so add a bit of delivery fees, it should be under RM 10.00 Yea... going a bit Hello kitty crazy :p
And i got this Hello Kitty plastic table mat today. I use this to put on top of my tablet. So that my tablet would be kind of protected from everyday scratch when i am not using it.... and its cute anyway.. Light up my mood <3 Bought this from 100 yen shop, i can't remember now how ( i'm such a fish right now ) * just found the plastic wrapper, it says RM6.90 ... cheap oh.. thats also part of the reason why i buys it. :p