Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Online Purchase

As you know, quite a lot of website has Hello Kitty's merchandise being sold online.
Recently i got some of the stuffs from someone in Malaysia, who pre-order from another country.
Price is better than what you pay at the shop here, but of course, it came with the waiting time.
Since it's mostly pre-order , sometimes have to depends on the origin country's working periods, and also lastly, if our custom clearance is fast enough.

So, here, today i got my stuff... I am happy with most of it, as they have the color that i liked most.
I always like my Hello Kitty stuff in red, as i felt Red matches Hello Kitty better.

Sorry that the picture quality is not that good, as i am using the old iphone3Gs to take these pictures. ( my iphone5 were sent in to my telco provider , still waiting for replacement phone )

This is a nice nail clipper. Turn and pull out the Hello Kitty head, will reveal the nail clipper inside. 

This is a Hello Kitty portable travel charger. Very cute kitty head, with very convenient 3 in 1 USB cables. Need not bring separate cables anymore.

Hello Kitty Head soft cushion. Nice to put inside car for travel use. As the back zipper, can opens up, to take out the hidden soft blanket inside.

Soft Hello Kitty hanging tissue box with handle straps.
The material is same like those soft plushy doll.

3 fold Hello Kitty Umbrella. Big Hello Kitty head knob at the handle ends, and cute Hello Kitty head at the top of the umbrella.
This would certainly cheer up an otherwise dull rainy days.

Small canvas Hello Kitty drawstring pouch.
These would be good for travel use, maybe to carry chargers accessories.

Cute Soft rubber coaster.
The ribbon are embossed pops up. The encircling white outlined Hello Kitty head are raised slightly higher to traps the excess water from cold mugs/cup .