Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Online Purchase

As you know, quite a lot of website has Hello Kitty's merchandise being sold online.
Recently i got some of the stuffs from someone in Malaysia, who pre-order from another country.
Price is better than what you pay at the shop here, but of course, it came with the waiting time.
Since it's mostly pre-order , sometimes have to depends on the origin country's working periods, and also lastly, if our custom clearance is fast enough.

So, here, today i got my stuff... I am happy with most of it, as they have the color that i liked most.
I always like my Hello Kitty stuff in red, as i felt Red matches Hello Kitty better.

Sorry that the picture quality is not that good, as i am using the old iphone3Gs to take these pictures. ( my iphone5 were sent in to my telco provider , still waiting for replacement phone )

This is a nice nail clipper. Turn and pull out the Hello Kitty head, will reveal the nail clipper inside. 

This is a Hello Kitty portable travel charger. Very cute kitty head, with very convenient 3 in 1 USB cables. Need not bring separate cables anymore.

Hello Kitty Head soft cushion. Nice to put inside car for travel use. As the back zipper, can opens up, to take out the hidden soft blanket inside.

Soft Hello Kitty hanging tissue box with handle straps.
The material is same like those soft plushy doll.

3 fold Hello Kitty Umbrella. Big Hello Kitty head knob at the handle ends, and cute Hello Kitty head at the top of the umbrella.
This would certainly cheer up an otherwise dull rainy days.

Small canvas Hello Kitty drawstring pouch.
These would be good for travel use, maybe to carry chargers accessories.

Cute Soft rubber coaster.
The ribbon are embossed pops up. The encircling white outlined Hello Kitty head are raised slightly higher to traps the excess water from cold mugs/cup .

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sanrio counter @ Isetan, KLCC

today, visited the Sanrio's counter at Isetan, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.

This counter have lots lots lots of newer Hello Kitty products !
I wonder why Isetan the Garden does not have any proper Sanrio's counter... :(

Luckily today get to apply for the Sanrio Membership. It only cost RM15 for one year with minimum purchase of RM70.00 , and we get a free membership card which can redeem 10% discounts on future purchase, and might be able to use on others countries too.. ( need to check in details ) and a while stock last cute Hello Kitty watch free !

this is such a good deal ! * v *
this promotions run till end December i think... but if you want the watch, better be quick !

And found these cute rings there as well !
RM 19.90 ( with 10% discounts )

it's a fake decorative nail thing.... cute and unique !
Stretchable to fit your finger size.

Plastic famous Hello Kitty Bow shape hair clip

Hello Kitty Lit up LED lighting standing mirror.
Right now they have this promotion at Isetan KLCC, 3 days only 30% discounts. 
[ 26, 27, 28 OCT 2013 ]

RM 159.90 ( before discount price )

with LED lights turned on. It needs 3 AA sized battery. There's a dc outlet, i guess we can plug in to the socket if we want to. ( though they did not provide it )

There are so many cool and new stuff there. I want to visit this counter again. * v * 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hello Kitty @ Kenanga City Wholesale mall

yup, the keyword " wholesale" .

so, i got a pretty good bargain today. The price is absolutely low. Similar with what we got online, minus the shipping fees. ( too bad i already ordered some via online, the same stuffs i saw selling at this shop. )

I got these items, at really good price. At the Kenanga City Wholesale mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Located at the 6th floor, tucked in a corner...

These are foldable into the small bag beside it, environment friendly shopping bag. It's stronger PVC type, i think there's no problem with cold and wet stuff.
i got these at very good price. RM 5.50 only !

the other design for the same bag. Brown with Hello Kitty head prints all over.
Now that i think again, i think i want to go back and buy the other two design too !

this is also the environment friendly shopping bag. Cost RM 7.50. ( already lowered from original pricing. I think this shop is clearing stocks )

Small Zippered Lunch Bag, PVC Red. Only RM 7.50. I think these are selling for higher at 100Yen Shop.

Nice Light PVC back pack. only RM 14.00
Also available in Pink color... ( should i get the pink too ? )

Hello kitty key ring cover. Soft PVC. RM 4.00

Embroidered iron on Hello Kitty Head and figure label.
RM 2.50 per piece

Flexible wired ends Mirror. Very cute and pretty ! RM 9.50 

Hello Kitty air freshener . In Red bow and Pink Bow.
On offer clearance, so they are only RM 10.00 per piece

Hello Kitty Magnetic Bookmark
RM 1.80 for these sets of 6 in a pack.

I can't believe getting these good bargain there... * v *
I'm thinking of going back there to get more stuffs. I saves up so much here...

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hello Kitty Mooncakes

And its the time of the year again, for Mid Autumn festival.

Every year, getting a Hello Kitty mooncakes became a must.. LOL ! Because they are always so cute and the free packaging bag that came together are too pretty to resist.

This year, Goodchen came up with new bags design. Awesome.

As usual, we need to buy 4 pieces of mooncakes to get the free bag together.

There are just too many flavour to choose from. 
Lovely packaging too.

this is one of the bag design. Zippered with a layer of protection inside to insulate the temperature of cold stuffs you are carrying.

this is another design, which is like a shopping tote. Magnetic lock clasp on the inside, with insulation padded sides.

the brochure this year is cute too. Took one back home to keep. =D

On the brochure it says RM90 to get the bag series with 4 pieces mooncakes purchase. But the store which i went to ( at Midvalley Lower ground floor ), i only need to pay RM81.00 .

Monday, August 26, 2013

Saturday @ Sg Wang Plaza again !

This special Saturday i get to shop around Sg Wang Plaza, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur again.
I thought i would be able to check out other nearby shopping buildings, instead i ended up whole time within Sg Wang building only. LOL !

And found out that the upper annex of the 6th floor of SgWang has more shops too. There's even a cosplay shop up there.

I'm not sure if they have Hello Kitty cosplay.. LOL ! But i think a Hello Kitty cosplay would most probably ends up in a lolita section more. 

and so, i visited one of my favourite Hello Kitty shop. Because this shop always have all the nice looking Hello Kitty's accessories. ( Sg Wang, level 3 i think...from the escalator up, almost towards behind after the long glass walled shop of accessories )

Hello Kitty furry mobile pouch. The front Kitty face is puffy furry. The back is a plastic covered mobile pocket. Inside, there's another small pocket for holding card.
It can hold the length of my iphone 5.
[ RM 25.00 ]

Hello Kitty Black coin small purse ( also furry soft ). Back part is a plastic cover, with opening i think that looks like to hold tissue paper.
[ RM 19.00 ]

Key ring purse. Furry soft to the touch.
Inside are metal rings to hold the keys, with extra pocket on the opposite side.
These key ring purse would be useful as the keys won't scratch your wallet or whatever inside your bag anymore. * v *
And it being dark hot Pink is awesome that it looks cool and won't dirty easily.
[ RM 20.00 ]

small Hello Kitty faced hair clip. Perfect additional item to my hair accessories collection.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hello Kitty Jelly Beans

Now can be found at Candylicious shop...

Saw these at One Utama, old wing, one of the Candylicious's shop.

so cute !!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Simple Hello Kitty items today !

Didn't really plan to look for Hello Kitty stuff.. but when Gar suggested to up the first level of Salak Park Plaza ... And probably my Hello Kitty mode was automatically on. :p

this cost RM 9.90
I have seen this been sold online, here and there...
and i guess, looking at this piece physically is much better than online. Because through online, one couldn't be sure about the plastic quality , size or how genuine the kitty head look. =D

But i can say, this piece is cute. ( i personally preferred Kitty with red bow more )

this set cost RM 7.90 only. [ mirror and comb ]
considered cheap. But i have to look through a few ( taking them out from the plastic cover and put it back again ), just to make sure they are at least perfect ( scratch free or free from glue marks, etc )

The mirror is mini size, about 12 cm x 9 cm . The comb about 14.5 cm in length.

Monday, July 29, 2013

My Birthday Prezzies..

Everyone who wanted to gift me something on my birthday, won't have any problem finding one. As long as it has to do with Hello Kitty. LOL..

and yeah, most, if not all of my birthday presents are Hello Kitty stuff..

Thank you my family and friends. I love all of you. I love your attentive thoughts of this me.

* v *

my dear best friend, May & her family gifted me this. So cute and adorable.
I placed this beside my bed. So everyday when i wakes up and before going to sleep, i see them. lol !

cute Hello Kitty toaster...

I love toast.  Having Hello Kitty cute face on the toasted on the bread is awesome breakfast everyday !

I fell in love with these Instax camera for quite some time... more than few years... and finally having one on my birthday is simply awesome !

A cute hello kitty charging head to compliments my collection ! yay !

My wonderful sis & bro-in-law got me this. So beautiful !

and my dearest friend, Nancy who always cheers me up all the time..
Wonderful shopping tote bag, with the two extra enviro-friendly shopping bag...

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lot 10 and H&M again.. =D

Today went to Bukit Bintang area again..

And so, make the usual stop over at Lot 10's Hello Kitty station.
Nothing on sales here, so, basically just going Ooooooh and Aaaaah over all the cute Hello Kitty stuff displayed there.

And then, i saw this cute Plastic Hello Kitty Lunch Box. Amazing thing is, there are 2 smaller size container inside it.

RM 49.90 ( for all three together )

Then , when i stopped over at H&M to buy the army green military styled jacket, when i went upstair at the kids section, i saw this cute Leopard printed Hello Kitty Tin-box bag.

It was the last piece there. While holding onto this, a lady asked us where we get this, i told her this was the last piece. :p

RM 27.90

and i grab this hair clips as well. RM 12.90

Nice day shopping for Hello Kitty stuffs.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Leisure Mall, Cheras.. Hello Kitty again !

There is this shop on the 1st floor, if you walks toward the Mong Kok restaurant, just opposite a vegetarian restaurant. Lots lots of Hello Kitty stuffs sold here..

Picked some items here, and very tempted to get the others.... maybe, time to cool off first, and rethink if i should get the rest of the stuff... LOL !

This is a medium size Hello Kitty fan. It's too adorable to pass. Since Ning's room fan have broken down, this would be a good and cute substitute. Make the room look nice, and have cooling fan at the same time. =D

from top left, clockwise...

1. Hello Kitty measuring tape ( Inch + CM ) RM 19.90

2. Keys with lock RM 12.90

3. Black Hello Kitty mini size stapler RM 19.90

4. Hello Kitty light wood pin badge RM 9.90

this is a Hello Kitty mini backpack. It's Ning.
About RM 59.90

this is a small Hello Kitty card holder/organizer. Ning's
RM 14.90

this umbrella is cute, and slim, opens up wide enough for 2 person. The color are vibrant and cheerful. RM 34.90.
Didn't plan to get this at first, but because the sales assistant said if we top up another RM30 purchase we could get a free HK phone ( picture below )

And so, this is the free gift that comes with all the purchases...
It's dial phone, with holes behind the kitty body, for hearing and speaking...
So, one actually hold the whole kitty if you are going to make a conversation. LOL !
The dialing numbers is at the bottom of the standing kitty.

this is a short walk through of the shop..
Intended to upload this to my instagram video, but somehow keep getting 'failed upload' error message no matter how long i tried. Finally gives up....

Later, i walked over the connecting bridge to the other side of the Leisure Mall.
 There is this ' Living Cabin' shop there.
Here i found...

pencils ! A box of 5 pcs Hello Kitty B pencils
RM 4.90

This is the best find... A wooden , 3 compartment drawers Hello Kitty.
about 10" x 9" ( the face width ), the drawers behind, rectangular are slightly smaller.
RM 118.00

Found some Hello Kitty 3D cards sold here, bought some. Will share the pictures another day.. :p