Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sanrio counter @ Isetan, KLCC

today, visited the Sanrio's counter at Isetan, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.

This counter have lots lots lots of newer Hello Kitty products !
I wonder why Isetan the Garden does not have any proper Sanrio's counter... :(

Luckily today get to apply for the Sanrio Membership. It only cost RM15 for one year with minimum purchase of RM70.00 , and we get a free membership card which can redeem 10% discounts on future purchase, and might be able to use on others countries too.. ( need to check in details ) and a while stock last cute Hello Kitty watch free !

this is such a good deal ! * v *
this promotions run till end December i think... but if you want the watch, better be quick !

And found these cute rings there as well !
RM 19.90 ( with 10% discounts )

it's a fake decorative nail thing.... cute and unique !
Stretchable to fit your finger size.

Plastic famous Hello Kitty Bow shape hair clip

Hello Kitty Lit up LED lighting standing mirror.
Right now they have this promotion at Isetan KLCC, 3 days only 30% discounts. 
[ 26, 27, 28 OCT 2013 ]

RM 159.90 ( before discount price )

with LED lights turned on. It needs 3 AA sized battery. There's a dc outlet, i guess we can plug in to the socket if we want to. ( though they did not provide it )

There are so many cool and new stuff there. I want to visit this counter again. * v * 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hello Kitty @ Kenanga City Wholesale mall

yup, the keyword " wholesale" .

so, i got a pretty good bargain today. The price is absolutely low. Similar with what we got online, minus the shipping fees. ( too bad i already ordered some via online, the same stuffs i saw selling at this shop. )

I got these items, at really good price. At the Kenanga City Wholesale mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Located at the 6th floor, tucked in a corner...

These are foldable into the small bag beside it, environment friendly shopping bag. It's stronger PVC type, i think there's no problem with cold and wet stuff.
i got these at very good price. RM 5.50 only !

the other design for the same bag. Brown with Hello Kitty head prints all over.
Now that i think again, i think i want to go back and buy the other two design too !

this is also the environment friendly shopping bag. Cost RM 7.50. ( already lowered from original pricing. I think this shop is clearing stocks )

Small Zippered Lunch Bag, PVC Red. Only RM 7.50. I think these are selling for higher at 100Yen Shop.

Nice Light PVC back pack. only RM 14.00
Also available in Pink color... ( should i get the pink too ? )

Hello kitty key ring cover. Soft PVC. RM 4.00

Embroidered iron on Hello Kitty Head and figure label.
RM 2.50 per piece

Flexible wired ends Mirror. Very cute and pretty ! RM 9.50 

Hello Kitty air freshener . In Red bow and Pink Bow.
On offer clearance, so they are only RM 10.00 per piece

Hello Kitty Magnetic Bookmark
RM 1.80 for these sets of 6 in a pack.

I can't believe getting these good bargain there... * v *
I'm thinking of going back there to get more stuffs. I saves up so much here...