Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dream Tomica miniature car collections

I got this white/red Hello Kitty tomica's car when i was in Taipei last year end.
It was being sold at some Family mart.

That time, we saw that Rilakkuma version was being sold too, but mostly sold out and not found in any other Family Mart that i went to.

the front side view

the back view

And then, while searching for birthday prezzie for Xuan, i saw this in the Tomica car display at Jusco's toys department.

Retailing at RM29.90 at Jusco.

this set so hot pink ! :D

This means i only have the generic blue/red/white tomica Hello Kitty set to collect.

Here are some of the Tomica's character sets, which were very cute too.

the pikachu Tomica

the back Pikachu Tomica, with tail and the cute ears !

the cream version Rilakkuma, Tomica 

the back with the Rilakkuma's head shape as window.
Pink wheels, so cute.
It's a three wheels car.

the brown version Rilakkuma,
Notice that this top roof part have the painted zip line.

the back. Nah, the door won't opens. :p

Friday, July 4, 2014

Early birthday gifts

My friend sends me this package yesterday..

a box full of Hello Kitty stuffs... :3

Early birthday pressie for me. so happy ! :D

Hello Kitty cord/wire holder

Toilet roll holder

Hello Kitty plastic head dispenser

Hello Kitty laundry bag

Shower cap... :'D
haha, i think can wear this for cooking too... !

Adjustable standing mirror. Very nice item for the very vain meeeee ! 

Thank you Nancy ! You always send me gift every year.
And i always fails to find a suitable present for you.

Our birthdays are just 3 days apart. Haha.... 

Hope you like the drawing i do for you... :D

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hello Kitty 's new product at Giants.

Saw these new things at Giant.

A glowing Hello Kitty head if you press the button. It's a tube of heart shaped strawberry flavoured candies.

And there's this mini sized tin-box Hello Kitty head. It's design is similar to the usual Hello Kitty tin-lunch-box . Just the size is more mini here. And instead of plastic strap, it has the stringed red beads as handle.

Inside is all lollipops !

And then, there is this gift box pack.

Inside there's a tin-music box. Very soothing music.

Besides the music box, there's a box of hello kitty jelly gummy head.

And saw these Hand cream stocks there.
I still prefer the hand cream design from Taiwan much better.

And there's this Compact mirror.
Design so funky yeah ! :D