Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Year 2015 Everything new ! ^ . ^

I know this is kind of late ! But 2015 have been so busy and happening for me, with so many new things everyday... ! Trying to catch up and do some very brief and fast post for the past months... :p

First of all, i ushered in the new year 2015 with a new Hello Kitty calendar...  :D

I didn't plan to get them at first, but so happens these calendars were being put on 50% discounts !

I have to write in and highlights all the holidays for Malaysia, since the calendar only have holidays for the Japanese and Singapore's printed. ^ _ ^"

and then, i get a new phone !

So, naturally, getting new phone means finding new mobile covers.
I do have a good time getting them.... Aside from getting those usual plain candies and sweet colored phone, i also get these cute character shaped phone cover.

Totoru, which is very huge and fat ! But its easing for the hand to hold it. 
The M&M's red chocolate shaped ... i have a hard time to choose the color ( they have them in red, blue, yellow and green )
And lastly, this Sulley ( monster inc) x Hello Kitty cover..
I have fallen in love with this cover the last time i saw it. Just had to get this !
And then we have these Chinese New Year just middle of February.
So, i bought some Hello Kitty Red Ang Pow packets and some Chinese New Year deco for the house.

Hello Kitty always have these awesome cute Ang Pow packets !

And these Hello Kitty stickers on both side of the Ang Pow envelope.
Too bad, they didn't make anything suitable for boys, i have to find alternative ang pow packets for boys.

These cute deco items i put around the house.
I wish they were bigger !

This is a very good sticker ( see through ) type Hello Kitty CNY banner.
I stick this on my clear transparent vase. I should share some after picture.. :p

This is also another cute Hello Kitty Ang Pow envelope which can transform into some cute standee !

And then comes the day of LiChun !
In chinese tradition, and in fengshui school, the day of LiChun is the first day of solar calendar new year , where egg can stands easier on this day ! It was 4th February for 2015.

and, tadaa..... ! I got the egg standing ! T.T 
shed happy tears !
Because it brings me good feelings that it will be a smooth year when i did that on LiChun. :p

And i got a new hair cut before the Chinese New year !
Shorter, shoulder length ! :D

Here's me a picture with a friend's cats. There's one hidden behind the grey cat.

And this is the good fortune kitty ! ^ v ^

A friend surprised me with this Hello Kitty biscuits from Taiwan during the CNY visiting !
She said she thinks of me when she saw this. ( blushing embarass )

I think when we got too 'Hello Kitty-fied' everyday, people around us will remember us whenever they see anything about Hello Kitty. haha...
I get tags alot with Hello Kitty's stuffs on facebook. 

Took this at my bro's place. He hand painted one of his kid's bedroom wall with big Hello Kitty !
Hmm... i wonder if i won't be lazy if i ever get a wall to paint ?  >.<

That's it for now...

I should do a recap for my Hello Kitty cafe visit in Bangkok last year December 2014.
Hope you have an interesting and exciting new 2015 too !