Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fly Eva's Kitty flight ?

I am reading with much envy of people getting to check in the kitty's counter and fly the Eva's kitty flight. Sadly its only available in Taipei, for flight to and from Taipei to HK / Japan / Korea... why...?
 Why not fly to Malaysia leh ? oh how i wish ! Singapore also i won't mind to take detour flight... >.<
Taiwanese, Hongkies, Japanese and Koreans are lucky people !

Their main booking site here ;- Eva Air's Eva Kitty website i was so in awe with the site, that i somehow looks at its inflight shop's kitty items. And then i got into frenzy to calculate how much they really worth, and they are really not expensive by Kitty standard ! * v * and then i came to the part to read their 'service', only realized its meant for their inflight customer purchase.

Apparently, they will have to make the order within 15 days before flight and before 72 hours take off.... *sigh* i was happy for a moment ( thinking that i could do online purchasing... ) This card carry case really attracted me in the first place... NT$2500 / US$85

i should really try looking elsewhere for it... :p

this Chouette kitty watch is even better priced than the one i saw at the other time. Here they are selling at NT$6780 / US$231 Those kitty fans should really consider getting these stuffs from them.

this mini hello kitty capsule speaker is awesome. The design is absolutely nice and modern. They are selling it for NT$1350 / US$46 . Not expensive. *sigh* I wish i could take their flights. * v * If you wanna see the rest of their Kitty's items at their Sky shop, Happy Hello Kitty Dream !

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Friday, Saturday Kitty shopping ^.^

On Friday, went to The Scott Garden, old Klang road for dinner. After dinner went up to the first floor. There's this one shop called Colorful Club.

They sells some of the Hello Kitty stuff there... i am so tempted to buy a big Hello Kitty Pink Bow shape soft pillow.... * v * But my room is too small to house too many soft toys/pillow... And there's also very nice shopping tote bags.... argghhh.... I've bought too many bags recently, so i'm holding back from getting anymore bags.

the soft toys...

lots of cute bags..

and so i bought this small makeup/pencil case bag and a small PU wallet

the outside small wallet design [ RM 10.90 @ Colorful Club ]

the inside small wallet... Planning to bring this out when i go for jogging or short walk ( just to bring the ID and some little cash ) >.< when gar saw this, he was like "omg, u bought kids stuff ? ".. hehe, but i explained my intention, for jogging use. :p

 And today, went to Berjaya Times Square. It was fun, there were a lot of shops selling Hello Kitty things. There even have those HK limited edition stuff at one of the shop there. I only get this bling bling Hello Kitty ring. Only cost RM10.00

I love this alot. Because its cheap, and still a bling bling...And with the black bow, it matches my clothings style. * v * And i even get this Big Hello Kitty face printed tee... haha.. It cost RM 25.00

Happy and very satisfied. :D

Friday, November 23, 2012

cute Tissue Box...

Hello Kitty printed on tissue boxes, by PREMIER tissue. Saw these at Giant the other day, retailing at RM 10.49.. jeng jeng jeng... should i get them ? haha.. ^.^"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Swarovski in Kitty fever too...

They had been promoting these for sometimes already. Everytime i passed by their store, i can't help buy going 'oooh' and 'aaahs' over them all the time. Because they are extremely beautiful, adorable... and classy.. :D
would have love to have this wonderful kitty pendant from Swarovski..
charming collection, in bling bling black and silver... Not too childish, yet very Hello Kitty'ish at the same time :D
nice leather bracelet..
I checked their website for more detailed images..
that's the wonderful poster you see at the Swarovski shop. Beautiful..
very nice keychain...
detailed view of the other bracelet design.. At their website, we can zoom in and out to see clearly..LOL !
Nice small pouch... i should get this instead of coach's !
Another small card holder design..
Nice rocker Hello Kitty.
More charms/pendant design. These are selling for EUR 60 at their website. Some online shop could be selling some Hello Kitty small head charm ( no bling bling, and of course no swarovski standard ) at RM 15.00 per piece. For those of you who have girl friend or wife fangirling Hello Kitty's items, these are really good gift ideas.. ! You can check out more details about these Swarovski's items at their website here ;

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hello Kitty's hauls in Penang..

this Hello Kitty madness is everywhere. :D It never stops even while i was in Penang. Saw these cute Hello Kitty couple dolls outside a shop in Gurney Plaza yesterday. . . .
. . . The size is quite big, about the tall of a 1 litre coke bottle.. :p Though i'm fond of them, i wouldn't just buy them for keepsake. Usually, i will only buy the items if they are of use or complimentary to my daily life activities... But these dolls would be good for those would be getting married ones, can be decorated on the wedding car or bed. :) Inside the shop, one of the wall cabinets have these very cute plates and accessories of Hello Kitty merchandise. Would have loved to get them if i have the means to splurge a bit... LOL ! I have to learn to restraint myself... . . .
. . . It would be lovely to eat breakfast from these wares... =D So, i went to Daiso nearby ( Gurney Plaza ) to look for cheap Hello Kitty stuffs... yea, stuff you could get for under RM5.00 . Hello Kitty merchandise could be very expensive. . . .
. . . Found these fingers separator for nails polish works. [ RM 5.00 ] Had been looking to get one, and just lovely that they had hello kitty printed on it. Just classy, black with dark pink printings on it. Loves these stuffs that doesn't look too childish. . . .
. . . Since i wanted to dip in the pool... and the last new swimsuit i bought was a size too small.. ( i thought i had slimmed down... lol ! But i got heavier and heavier instead ). We walked past this Sun Paradise shop that sells swimming gears ( they have a branch in the Gardens, KL , and hubby nudged me in... and i got myself these Hello Kitty swimming suits [ RM 239.00 ]. They don't have size M or L anymore... and i settled for the size XL... omg, i wearing size XL !! :D Luckily its not too loose though size L would had been fitter or safer. Anyway, i don't think my size will go down much judging by the food and snack intakes everyday... . . .
. . . The paperbag is very nice, with the logo printed on them. The white halter top has small hello kitty prints all over. The dark marine blue pants is just the right design which i favour. =D Satisfaction level : 100% . . . And these Hello Kitty madness somehow rubs on Ning too... lol ! So, i got her a towel and hankerchief. They are so lovely, if they had more than one design, i would surely have bought them too. Got these from Parkson, Gurney Plaza, Penang. They were having sales, so some discounts were given too. Hankerchief [ RM 22.45 ], Towel [ RM 74.95 ] . . .
. . . I think someday i should seek out Hello Kitty warehouse sales in order to save up some money !