Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New additions from Jusco..

Recently visited Sunway Pyramid.. And while at Jusco, found these Hello Kitty items on sale.. Yay!

flashlight Hello Kitty keychain...

cute plastic bucket... 
( till now i havn't really clean up my things to put this to good use :p  )

this is a very cute Hello Kitty mood reader key chain. :)

 And there was these Hello Kitty  hair dryer and curler traveller sets which i saw being sold online, at a local online store. This was the most disappointing online purchase ever, because it takes them so long to deliver.

I paid for the purchase on 25 December 2012. And only after paying for the purchase that i realized its shipping's contracts. That they only will make deliver from 31st January till 28th February.
Whoa ! That's like you have to wait another one month for them to deliver, and that is the following whole month waiting for the delivery.

There were no emails follow up, telling when they are going to deliver the item, until i send an email to them on the last day ( yup, 28th February 2013 ). Still okay that they did reply the next day, that there were some holds up on their shipping.

And i was told to wait from 17 March for another 7 days, after which, if they still fails to deliver, they promise a refund.

Lucky, this item finally arrived on the 20 March ! So glad that i don't have to go through the waiting game for the refunds !

the sets, very small hair dryer and curler, really for travel purpose... it felt like some kids toys though because of its size >.<

After this incidence, i told myself that i cannot simply trust any online website anymore. We should really check out their facebook page ( where usual users will be quick to post comments if their stuffs gets hold up or how is their service )

Buying through other sites are much better, especially those online sales sites that have been established for many years, they promptly send emails to inform me if their item can't be delivered on time. 

I think, i still prefer to go to the store, and be happy buying discounted items... or go Taipei again for some Hello Kitty shopping hauls !

Hello Kitty beach wear sales

Just when i thought of checking out Sun Paradise outlet at the Gardens, they were having sales !
:) It was a good thing as Jing kinda outgrown her swimming suit which was bought like 3-4 years ago.

These time, i decided to get her rashies type, those swimming tee shirt design type. They can better protect her shoulder and back from sun burn.

They have in Red and Blue, we picked Blue. This sets only have 10% discounts.

Beach Slippers for Jing, 30% discounts... * v *

Beach slippers for Ning... ( her old slippers life came to an end yesterday )
Hopefully this one will last longer...

Before leaving the store, saw this cute little tags ( outlets address/contacts ) at the cashier counter, i took 2... kekekeke just for keepsake :p

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hello Kitty Car Sticker

Guess what ?

Bumped into a shop selling car sticker while window shopping at Sunway Pyramid today.
The shop is at Asian Avenue level, with the cute name " STIQIE "

They were selling these car road tax sticker for RM 9.00 only.
( these car road tax sticker are for protection of the windscreen from the inside from sticking and peeling off those road tax sticker, which leaves ugly patches if your car are constantly parks under the hot sun )

They have many different designs, not only Hello Kitty...


This is not the design i pick.. >.<
the sales gal messed up my order. I choose a red one, and she gave me this dark pink one. I didn't realize i got the wrong one until i was on my way home. 
*sad *

more cute Hello Kitty car sticker..

Oh how i wish i have my own car now.
Gar doesn't want me to stick the Hello Kitty's one at his car... lol !