Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hello Kitty Mooncakes

And its the time of the year again, for Mid Autumn festival.

Every year, getting a Hello Kitty mooncakes became a must.. LOL ! Because they are always so cute and the free packaging bag that came together are too pretty to resist.

This year, Goodchen came up with new bags design. Awesome.

As usual, we need to buy 4 pieces of mooncakes to get the free bag together.

There are just too many flavour to choose from. 
Lovely packaging too.

this is one of the bag design. Zippered with a layer of protection inside to insulate the temperature of cold stuffs you are carrying.

this is another design, which is like a shopping tote. Magnetic lock clasp on the inside, with insulation padded sides.

the brochure this year is cute too. Took one back home to keep. =D

On the brochure it says RM90 to get the bag series with 4 pieces mooncakes purchase. But the store which i went to ( at Midvalley Lower ground floor ), i only need to pay RM81.00 .